We deliver integrated marketing solutions to businesses and organizations by providing a unified and seamless marketing experience. Using the power of SEO, we synergize all aspects of digital marketing communications with a mix of tactics, methods, channels, media, and activities, so that all work in unison.


Our agency was established and registered in the state of Ohio in September 2018. With active clients in the USA in its first year and others in India, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, Multicultural Solutions works across the global economy. Our clients are remarkably inspiring and diverse: From politicians to non-profits to businesses and individuals.

We are #unapologeticallyradical about helping them grow and realizing their vision.

#unapologeticallyradical about

bringing your vision to life!


Clara Matonhodze Strode

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Principal / Founder

John Bentley II

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Web Developer

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UX/UI Designer

Dina Larkin

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Graphic Designer

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We Really Really Want to Work With You!  

We can give you a well-crafted song and dance about why, but the truth is there are many companies in our industry that are more experienced and can beat us any day. What we know for sure is, just like those companies, we strive every day to earn our stripes and deliver quality. We have been in business for a year and in that year:

  • We met our revenue goal.

  • We got certified to conduct Website and Social Media Audits using leading industry tools.

  • We have a 99% satisfaction rate with our clients.

  • We approach every opportunity with an open mind and enthusiasm to learn about your industry, your customers, your hopes, and dreams before we sit down to perform our magic.

  • We do not nickel and dime you to upgrade a post that takes us 5 minutes to do. It's just plain wrong.                               ​


Our Experienced Team

But, perhaps the most exciting aspect of all this for us, is the experience and outlook we bring to the table. Our network of well-connected colleagues is at your disposal, and above all, we have over 50 years of combined experience at all levels of digital marketing between us.

Building beautiful websites to WOW your customers, so they want to come back to your website and complete the action you want them to is our forte.  Understanding human emotions and what drives them,  the hidden brain that makes humans respond more to blue in business settings and red when it comes to passion is research we actually sit around and enjoy reading because it's about making the right decision to place a Call to Action on the left or the right? Or maybe middle? It is all the things that seem to work seamlessly, but only because you made the initial decision to work with a company like us that bothers to go through a 200 point item checklist of these decisions. 



Owner Clara Strode is brilliant. That means she is smart and talented. But it also means she brings a radiance to everything she does. Her multi-talented and organizational development skills have helped her focus on digital marketing as a way to bring her clients dreams of business ownership and growth to life.
In a world where some seem determined to undermine anything multicultural-she helps them (us) blossom in the digital world!


—  John Gillespie, Award-Winning Realtor

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