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Multicultural Solutions LLC Announces 

The MCS Agency

Cincinnati, OH

Multiculral Solutions LLC, a minority-owned business, has announced the launch of The MCS Agency, focusing on Website Design and Marketing Communications. The announcement is part of an ongoing effort to incorporate Multicultural Solutions LLC's distinct brands, including Zimbowls, MCS Publishing and MCS Advisors, as different brands. 

Over the last four years, Multicultural Solutions LLC has struggled to define itself with a multi-talented owner eager to dip her feet into various initiatives. This rebrand will deepen Multicultural Solutions LLC's relationships with existing clients while allowing it to pursue new clients for its other brands without confusing the business's focus.

Marketing Communications will be The MCS Agency's primary business focusing on underserved non-profits and companies that would usually not afford Agency services.

To date, The MCS Agency has attracted more than 40 clients, published 22 books and papers and collaborated with businesses on four continents through its services.

Clara Matonhodze, Founder and Principal Consultant, added, "We are excited to bring The MCS Agency to fruition. We understand the challenges of running multiple brands, but we think this will better serve our clients as it clarifies what we do and whom we serve. We plan always to support clients as they run and grow their businesses."

For more than two decades, Clara Matonhodze Strode has worked and pursued her passions in ethnic cultures, communications and books. That Multicultural Solutions LLC is bringing all her passions under one roof is a long-awaited avenue to grow the business and add value.


About The MCS Agency
The MCS Agency is a woman-owned SaaS-based business using the power of marketing communications to help clients transform their businesses into modern tech-savvy companies with the agility of a tech start-up. 

About Zimbowls
Zimbowls is a one-of-a-kind culinary workshop experience with a menu inspired by the idea of simple and delicious home cooking highlighting Zimbabwean heritage and culture. Whether it is a gathering of friends and family or a romantic date night at home, let's cook together. We come where you are. 

MCS Publishers

MCS Publishers help clients through the paper and book publishing process, including, but not limited to, layout, publisher identification, Marketing/social media strategy, book launch event and consultations throughout your publishing journey.

About MCS Advisors

MCS Advisors exist not to give financial advice but to act as a business and cultural liaison for anyone seeking to do business with or invest in Zimbabwe.


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Clara Matonhodze Strode
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