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Hitch Your Wagon to a Star: 8 Trends Small Businesses Can Aspire to.

How did your business make the most of the fidget spinner craze around 2016? Did you sell them, offer them as promotional items, reference them, or just observe in awe? I recall the frantic search for fidget spinners; I would have bought a new car just for the complimentary gift. That trend was wild!

Fast forward to 2019, LPK, a leading Cincinnati brand company, shared trends that businesses could leverage to find new customers, increase revenue, and stay relevant. Here's a summary of those trends and their potential impact on businesses:

Satiric Solidarity: Satirical humor unites people, creating memorable moments for businesses to share their messages. Businesses can use satire to connect with customers.

The Coastal Cache Comedown: Small-town America is making a comeback as people prioritize affordability and joyful living. Businesses can capitalize on this shift by catering to customers in these areas.

Insta-spirituality: With growing interest in alternative spiritual paths and holistic health, businesses can tap into this market to offer life-changing experiences or products.

Escaping Escapism: As people realize the importance of human connections and self-care, businesses can offer relaxation and experiences with limited technology to cater to this need.

The Great Tech-Lash: With growing consumer distrust in tech companies, small businesses can appeal to discerning customers by creating a safe environment for them.

Modernizing Masculinity: As the perception of masculinity shifts, businesses must adapt to appeal to these new expressions of masculinity and prepare for future changes.

The Radical Third Way: Businesses can choose to associate themselves with a more balanced, moderate approach rather than taking sides in divisive politics, potentially connecting with customers on a deeper level.

Redefining Influence: Brands are increasingly turning to influencer marketing and employee influencers for a more personal touch. Businesses can use this approach to connect with their customers.

These trends, although not exhaustive or foolproof, can inspire businesses to think creatively about their future, explore unique opportunities, and serve their customers better.




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