Multicultural Solutions is a proud member of the SEMRush family, one of the world's leading competitive research companies for online marketing. Through our program, we work with you to give you a complete assessment of your website, social media, and marketing:

We show you where gaps exist and make recommendations on how to close those gaps so your website ranks higher, is found easier and converts more customers.


Through an in-depth competition analysis, we look at your competition and show you what they are doing that you are not.

Global traffic and comminications concep


Grow Revenue

Improve Conversions

Increase Organic Traffic


We do thorough Technical Audits that average 100 pages of fixes for the average website. We have a 200 point plan of checks and fixes that we diligently go through including:

  • Page load speed check and optimization

  • URL Structure

  • Mobile-first indexing and optimization

  • HTTPS implementation

  • Technology utilization

  • Redirects and Links

  • ALT TAG utilization



  • We check to see if your internal and external links are optimized

  • We check tags where they are missing.

  • We assess your titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags.

  • We check for broken images and provide them all with an alt attribute

  • Detect and erase error pages

  • Find duplicate content pages

  • Fix other problems blocking your SEO progress

We don't spam. We simply share need-to-know information and events we think you don't want to miss.

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